Google News article Google is changing the way its ads appear on its site, as it seeks to crack down on online harassment of women and children.

    The social network is taking its first steps to remove links that show women in business attire wearing dresses or skirts, and it is also banning links to articles about children.

    “Google will continue to actively work with advertisers to prevent harassment and abuse of women in our businesses,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

    “We are making changes to our ads to remove these types of content, as well as those that promote violence against women, child abuse, or people with disabilities.”

    Women in business apparel are seen wearing business attire at a store in Shanghai, China, November 10, 2020.

    Reuters/Aly Song/File PhotoGoogle is rolling out a new way to identify women in its ads, a move that it hopes will help women who work in the company to stand out in search results.

    The company said on Thursday it will allow advertisers to highlight women in clothing by using the “Women in Business” section of the “AdWords” section.

    The move was first spotted by The New York Times, which first reported on the changes in a story published on Thursday.

    The changes also include a move to remove the links to news articles on women’s issues from Google News, which was previously the most-searched topic for women in the news.

    “If we can’t help you get the word out, we want to make sure that you can, and that we can,” Google said in its statement.

    The move comes as more companies are trying to build an audience around women.

    A new survey by research firm Lifestyle Research found that more than half of online women in North America, UK and Australia said they were worried about their safety online.

    “The news that women are increasingly under attack on social media is deeply concerning and is something that should not be tolerated,” said Jennifer Wicks, CEO of the Women in Business Alliance, in a post on Medium.

    “There is so much work to be done to ensure that women feel comfortable in their personal and professional lives, and our work is not over yet.

    This new approach will make it easier for women to reach the people they want to hear from.”

    Women have also expressed concerns about their privacy on Google, as some of its products and services, including its search engine, Google+, and Google+ are not available to women.

    In addition to the change to the “Men in Business attire” section, Google has removed links to stories on women who have lost their jobs due to the effects of climate change.

    The change was welcomed by the US Chamber of Commerce.

    “As we continue to fight for equality and equal opportunity for all Americans, it’s important to acknowledge that Google continues to have a strong and active place in our marketplace,” said US Chamber spokeswoman Kristin Moulton.

    “It’s also important to remember that while we don’t always see the same opportunities available to all women, our companies are actively working to ensure they have access to the best technology, data, and leadership to support them.”

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