Google CEO and former President SundarPichai, the first Indian-born CEO of the tech giant, has a very different vision of what a tech company should be.

    In a speech delivered at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, he described himself as a “busy, intelligent bee” and called for more than one million new employees by 2021.

    In his first interview as CEO, Pichais vision is different than that of most tech leaders.

    Pichahai is also a business analyst, a job that was largely outsourced when he took the helm of Google.

    In the interview with Bloomberg, he discussed what he sees as the importance of innovation in his company, and how to help the U,S.

    economy grow.

    The interview was part of a series on how to grow the economy and boost U.s. jobs.

    Below are highlights from the conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity.

    On what he expects to happen in the tech industry: I think that there’s a lot of momentum, a lot more confidence, because people are focused on the fact that this is a big problem for the economy.

    I think we’re seeing some momentum.

    I mean, we have the tech sector going through this and the U and China have seen it.

    So there is a lot going on in the marketplace.

    And I think, frankly, we’re very fortunate that people are working on a lot different ideas.

    And what I think is important is, we need to keep working at it, and we need a lot less of the politics and the rhetoric.

    On the importance to create a more diverse workforce: There is a strong bias towards the male, but I think the female is also important.

    And so the fact is, I think people have a lot to learn from us.

    The question is, do we have a way of creating a more balanced workforce and a better economy for all of us.

    I know that’s not easy, but we have to find a way to do that.

    And that’s going to be a really difficult challenge.

    On how to keep the U-2 program, which gives security clearance to some of the world’s most senior government officials, alive: We have to keep this program alive.

    I’ve heard some critics who say, well, you’re just not doing it right.

    And this is true.

    There are certain things that we do that I think are problematic.

    And there’s an enormous amount of uncertainty about our role.

    So, we’ll have to see what happens.

    And we need this program to be alive.

    On why his team has not invested in robotics research: You know, it’s a huge challenge.

    And, you know, we are a global company.

    And the way that we invest in robotics is not really the way we invest on other things.

    So we have very little experience in robotics.

    So I think there is an opportunity there, but the way it’s going, we think it’s not going to work.

    On a U. S.-China trade deal: The U. States is doing an amazing job, and China is doing a phenomenal job.

    We are going to continue to see some progress in the U.-China relationship.

    We’re going to keep pushing forward and see what kind of progress we can make.

    On whether he would like to have a more “open” U. s. immigration policy: Well, you can have a better deal, you have a stronger deal, we can create jobs here in the United States.

    But I think it would be great if we had more people here in America who are good engineers and good business people.

    We need more people to come here and start a company here in this country.

    But the U.,S.

    immigration system is broken.

    So in order to help bridge that gap, I have said that we need more open immigration.

    And it’s very important that we have that.

    So that’s been our goal from Day 1, is to have more people who want to come to this country and to work here.

    And when you have open immigration, you don’t have that big bottleneck.

    So it would probably be a good thing if we did have more immigration, but it would also be very difficult.

    We’ve seen a lot, a great deal of progress.

    But we’ve also seen some setbacks.

    And some of those are not as bad as some people make them out to be.

    On creating a new business incubator: We’ve got an opportunity here in Silicon Valley to build a company that has a lot that we want to build.

    So the idea is to start a venture capital firm that can really do that in this economy.

    And really build that company up.

    So you need a firm that has an opportunity to invest in the country.

    And then we can start investing.

    And you can do that as a venture. So what


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