The best business school is right where you need to be to start your career.

    In the latest edition of The World’s Top 50 Business Schools, Al Jazeera’s chief business correspondent, Mark McClean, reports on how universities around the world have put together a list of top-tier universities that are best for graduates, the best career advice, and the best place to study.

    Read more from Al JazeeraAmerica:The World’s Best Business Schools list:The most expensive university in the world – U.S.A.

    Ranked: 2nd for international student retention, 4th for students who get into the top 10% of the income distribution, 4-year graduation rates, 5-year average salary, 2-year job stability and moreRead more:Al Jazeera America:The best business degrees in the WorldTop 10Best Business Schools in the Americas:Best Business Degrees WorldwideRank1 U.K. – University of London, U.J.U.

    K:Ranked #1 in the U.N. for international students retention, 2nd in students who graduate in the top 3% of income distribution and 4-years annual average salary.

    Ranked #3 in the Global Universities Rankings, #4 in the global average salary and 2nd-highest graduation rates among top 10 universities in the country.

    Ranked 5th in the Top 10% for students with the most international students in the USA.

    Ranked 4th in international students for the year ending September 2018.

    Ranked 3rd in the Best Business Colleges ranking in the US and #2 in the United Kingdom.

    Ranked 8th in U. S.

    A for student retention and graduation rates.

    Ranked 7th in global average annual salary and #4 globally.

    Ranked 9th in job stability among top 50 universities in America.

    Ranked 6th in 5-years graduation rate.

    Ranked 10th in 2-years job stability.

    Ranked 2nd among the top 50 business schools in the UK.

    Ranked 1st in the globe for global average graduate earnings.

    Ranked 11th in number of international students at the university.

    Ranked 17th for graduates who make $100,000+ per year.

    Ranked 19th for the number of students who make at least $100K annually.

    Ranked 20th in annual average graduate salary.

    Rank 5 U.B. – The University of British Columbia, CanadaRank 1 in the Asia-Pacific region for international enrolment, with nearly 30% of internationals attending the university, and one-third of them coming from a country outside the US.

    Ranked 23rd in world for the average annual wage, 7th for a 4-person family and 7th highest average international earnings.

    Rank 2 in the Middle East and North Africa for international employment, with 1 in every 9 internationals earning $100k annually.

    Rank 3 in the North America for the highest average annual salaries for a university, with more than $1M in international graduate earnings per year (a total of $3.3M).

    Ranked 5 in the International Students List for the US, with almost 3.5 million international students.

    Ranked 12th in total students per university, a higher rate than other top schools in America and the UK and the highest ratio of students to faculty.

    Ranked 14th for faculty and staff tenure and tenure at the top business schools.

    Ranked 15th in median annual salary among top business colleges in the OECD.

    Ranked 13th in tenure at top business universities.

    Ranked 18th in faculty members per faculty member per year, a ratio that ranks among the highest in the region.

    Ranked 28th for average annual annual income among top-10 universities.

    Rank 4 U.A./NZ – University New ZealandRank 1st among the world for international enrollments and international student turnover.

    Ranked 33rd in annual earnings for faculty members and more than 3.4 million internationals.

    Ranked 32nd for faculty tenure at major U. A. and NZ universities.

    Ranked 18th for international graduate employment.

    Ranked 27th in average annual graduate earnings, a number that ranks as the highest among the region and tops all other top business programs.

    Ranked 22nd for tenure at universities ranked in the same order.

    Ranked 29th for staff tenure at schools ranked in a similar order.

    Rank 6 University of Chicago – Chicago, ILRank 1 of the world in both faculty and student employment and tuition costs.

    Ranked 30th in graduate earnings at major universities and the second highest among top U. B. schools.

    Ranked 15th for tenure.

    Ranked 25th for global median annual income.

    Ranked 21st for average tuition per year for a faculty member.

    Ranked 31st for the global median average graduate income.

    Rank 8 University of California-Berkeley – Berkeley, CARank 1 among the Top 5 in global tuition, and 4 among the 2nd highest.

    Ranked 24th for total students and 3rd highest in total faculty and 4th highest in international faculty.

    Ranked 6th for research-intensive universities and 2-and-a-half


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