Business casual men are a new breed of customer, but they are also a growing problem for business owners in Spain.

    They are the kind of customers that Spanish business owners would not want to deal a large amount of with.

    According to a survey conducted by the University of Valencia, they are the most frequent customers of businesses and the most important ones in their communities.

    According a recent survey by Spanish media outlet El País, of the 1,600 Spanish-language websites surveyed, only 20% of respondents said that they had a problem with busy guys.

    Only 12% of them said they had experienced a similar situation with women, and only 5% said that their customers were the ones with the most trouble.

    They’re also the ones who are the ones that are most likely to be in trouble with their husbands or partners.

    “They’re always busy, but this is the only time they are actually being bothered.

    The problem is not the amount of money they spend on a night out, but the quality of the service,” says Elisabeth Pascual, a professor of social sciences at the University, who conducted the study.

    “The problem comes when they get too drunk and forget to pay attention.

    They forget that they should be paying attention.

    It’s not only about how they drink, it’s also about their behavior.”

    Pascua believes that women are being victimized by the same problem that men are.

    “If the customer is a woman, then she has a problem.

    It may be that she is the victim of the problem.

    This may be a case of social miscommunication,” Pascuel says.

    She says that women, especially those in their early 20s, have the highest rates of poor performance in their careers.

    “When they enter their 30s, they have a lot of responsibility, which makes them feel like they can’t do their job,” Pasual says.

    “We can see it in their behavior.

    They might not know how to deal effectively with customers, they’re too lazy to pay for their services, and so on.

    And so, they start behaving badly, and they can be very abusive.”

    Women, too, are being hit by the financial crisis that is slowly forcing them to take on more debt.

    “Women have been in a situation where they have to make more money to survive, and that’s also a factor,” says Pascue.

    Pascu says that it is common for young women to have a difficult time finding a good job because their salaries are not being paid.

    “In general, they can get away with a lot less in their salaries than men, but women are still paid less than men.

    This has been a problem for women since the ’90s, when the ‘women’s money’ policies were introduced.

    Women have always had less money in their accounts, and now it’s being paid more,” Paspal says.

    The crisis for women has led to an increase in cases of domestic violence, and this has created a big problem for businesses.

    “This is what happened with the men: when they have money, they spend it.

    When they don’t have money they get into fights, they get depressed, they become suicidal,” Prasil says.

    Many of the women interviewed by El Pais reported that they were not only beaten but also sexually harassed, even when they were at work.

    “It’s a problem because when you have an employee, you have to work in a team.

    If you have a manager who doesn’t trust you, he can put pressure on you.

    It can be a problem,” Pescual says, adding that in some cases, it is not only the women who suffer.

    “One woman who was a waitress in a restaurant and a manager, he told her to pay him for everything, he made her do his dishes,” she says.

    Pescu believes that it’s not just the women that are affected.

    “Most women don’t feel comfortable with having a man take care of them.

    It seems that when a woman has a boss, she feels more free to express herself, but when she has someone who’s less comfortable, she can’t,” she adds.

    The Spanish government has a program to help businesses deal with the problem of business casuals, which is aimed at both businesses and women.

    The initiative, called the “Pascual initiative,” aims to create an environment where women feel comfortable working, and where they feel able to discuss their problems with their partners.

    The program also includes a support system for businesses, which includes a video conference system that allows the employees to take questions from their partners, and also a weekly forum where they can discuss the situation.

    “There are some problems that women face.

    They don’t always know what to do.

    We have to be careful with our policies, because the way we are dealing with business casual men has a lot to do with their personalities,” says the government’s Minister of Culture


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