Businesswoman Sarah Brown has claimed she has had to quit her job to raise her child due to a lack of job opportunities and has called on other women to speak out about their experiences of discrimination.

    Key points: Sarah Brown, who is from Sydney, says she has lived in fear of being fired after earning a $10k salary from the Australian Tax Office, says a lack the jobs available, and a lack job support services has made her ‘feel like a slave’Sarah Brown, from Sydney’s CBD, has made headlines for a career change and her claims of discrimination have been backed by the Australian Business Council (ABC) and other businesses in Sydney.

    She has been an executive director at the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), which provides job-hunting advice to employees, and is a member of the Council of Australian Governments.

    She made headlines in October last year when she said she was being threatened with termination after making an “unacceptable” claim of an unfair tax rate.

    She told the NTU she had been threatened by her boss with a letter stating she had to leave her job.

    “I’m told that if I ever leave the company I will have to go to prison,” she said.

    “It was just an incredibly degrading and terrifying experience.”

    In an interview with ABC News, she said that when she asked her boss to investigate the issue she was told she was not “a suitable candidate for an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) position” and that she should “go back to the States” if she wanted to get another job.

    Ms Brown said she had spent more than $20,000 on legal fees to fight the ATO’s decision to terminate her.

    She said she has not received a cent of her wages in wages for the years she worked at the NTUs office and said she struggled to find a job.

    She also said that because she has never had a job offer, she is unsure whether she will be able to receive a new job with a company.

    She described the ATOs decision to fire her as “completely ridiculous” and said that she is not even sure if she will ever be able pay the $10 000 a year she has been earning from the NTUnions website.

    “There’s just not much else I can do,” she told ABC News.

    “Even though I’ve done all the work, the whole experience has just been a nightmare.”

    She said that even if she did receive a job with an Australian company, she will likely struggle to get any support from her employer, the NT Unions.

    She is currently working as an assistant manager at a local health club.

    “In order for me to be able go out and have the opportunities to do my job, I’ve just had to shut myself down from the outside world,” she explained.

    “For the past five years I’ve been working with the NT Union and trying to get my head round this whole situation, but it’s just been totally ridiculous.”

    She is also seeking to get her case to the Federal Court, which is expected to decide by December.

    “If I get a decision by the end of December I will probably be able [to] have the case heard in the Federal court,” she concluded.

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