India’s prime minister’s son has described himself as a “magnificent” student who “wanted to be a politician”, as he said he will seek the 2019 elections from his mother’s side in the 2019 general election.

    Rahul Gandhi’s eldest son, Anil, told NDTV on Monday he had decided to run as a party member because he wanted to be part of the “moment” of change and to bring a new generation of “princely, patriotic, humble” people to power.

    “It’s important for a politician to have a family.

    It’s important that a person can be proud of his or her family and the fact that you are a citizen and a citizen of this country,” Anil said.”

    I want the same for the country.

    I want to have the chance to be in power and I’m looking forward to that.”‘

    We want to build a nation’Anil Gandhi, who is 15 years old, said he would be a “true national hero” in his bid for the seat, but that he was “not interested” in running for any office in the next five years.

    He said he had no interest in politics and was looking forward for the opportunity to build India as a country.

    “We want the country to be prosperous and prosperous and successful.

    We want to rebuild this country, a country where everybody can be happy and nobody can be afraid,” he said.

    He added that his father had not told him about any possible political plans.

    “He’s always been very open and open.

    He’s been very generous and open,” he added.”

    But at the same time, he’s been a humble person.

    I don’t know about politics.

    I’m just looking forward.”‘

    I have my heart set on the 2019 election’Mr Gandhi’s wife Sonia, 70, is expected to make her maiden statement on Tuesday and is expected in the parliament building for a televised address to the nation, as she has promised to campaign from her office in New Delhi.

    But Anil’s father Anil III is also expected to give his first public speech since he became prime minister in December.


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