Melbourne’s west is set to get a new office complex.

    Key points:The new office will be the first in the region to open in 10 yearsThe complex will be one of the biggest in the countryThe site will be used for research, development and trainingThe $1.4 billion development will create more than 100 jobsThe development is part of the Greater Melbourne Development Authority’s (MGDA) $1 billion expansion plans.

    The complex is being designed by Melbourne-based architect Raffaele Pascale and will be designed to house research, growth and training facilities, office space, retail and offices.

    The office complex is expected to open by the end of 2021 and be the largest of its kind in the state.

    It is located on the corner of the Brisbane River and Highway 15A in the city’s CBD, just off the Bundaberg Freeway.

    The development includes the expansion of the CBD’s Westside Business Park, with the first major construction in the area set to begin in 2021.

    The building will include 1,400 new office units and about 50,000 square metres of retail space, the company said.

    “It is a significant undertaking and will generate a significant amount of new jobs for the CBD region,” MGDA CEO Andrew Gorton said.

    The first office buildings in Melbourne’s western suburbs will be completed in the next few years.

    The project is part and parcel of the MGDA’s $1-billion expansion plan to create 1,200 jobs in the CBD.

    “The project will also enable the MGDDA to support new growth in the Greater Victoria region by supporting new businesses to open up and create more opportunities for growth,” the firm said.’

    Very excited’About 200 new jobsA project spokesman said the project was “very exciting” for the Greater Victorian economy.

    “This is an exciting development for the entire community and our customers, who will have an opportunity to experience a new, modern office building, with a new look, that is both highly accessible and comfortable,” he said.

    Mr Gortons statement comes after Mr Gortson told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Sunrise that the office complex would be a “very significant” development.

    “There will be some new buildings here, but it will be very, very exciting for the business community and the people who work here,” he told Sunrise host Paul Barry.

    “We’ve seen it done in Sydney, and it’s a very good example of what can happen in a very small, compact site like this.”

    And we’ve also seen it in the Melbourne CBD.

    “It’s a beautiful building, it’s well-designed, and the area around it is well-developed, it is close to the CBD, it has good connections to the airport, it will provide a lot of new business opportunities.”

    Mr Gons statement came after Melbourne City Council announced it had approved $1 million to be used to pay for a new road to connect the new office site to the surrounding CBD.

    The $900,000 investment is part a $2.4 million grant the City Council made in 2016.

    It will pay for roads, utilities and other infrastructure needed to make the project happen.

    Mr Pascales statement also said the company would create a $500,000 employment and training program.

    “As well as creating more than 250 jobs, this will create opportunities for local and regional staff to learn and engage with new colleagues in the office, and in the wider community,” the statement said.

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