The Staples Center in New York City is being transformed into a new home for a fast-growing food delivery company.

    The company announced Tuesday that it would shutter its doors and lay off 2,400 workers.

    The news comes as Staples plans to lay off hundreds of employees, most of them in its delivery service business, as it seeks to expand.

    The layoffs include 2,200 jobs in New Jersey and New York, and more than 1,400 in Los Angeles.

    Staples said it will open up a new facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, that will employ up to 10,000 people.

    The move follows Staples’ announcement that it will lay off another 4,500 workers in February.

    Staples is one of the most prominent chains of food delivery services, which offers packages of prepared food to a wide range of consumers, including fast-food restaurants, retailers and fast-fashion companies.

    It employs about 1,800 people.

    It was acquired by Wal-Mart in 2007 for $3.6 billion.

    The new Staples Center will be located in the area of New York University and will feature an arena for the NBA’s New York Knicks and the Macy’s department store.

    Staples’ new facility will be the first in the country to offer its delivery services to non-traditional consumers.

    The grocery giant is looking to hire as many as 2,000 workers.

    Staples will start laying off workers by mid-March and will then open a new $1.2 billion facility in Queens.

    Staples announced last week that it was laying off employees as it attempts to expand and become a larger food delivery service.

    Staples was founded in 1978 by a group of entrepreneurs who decided to make a difference by delivering food.

    The group is based in New Hampshire, New York and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    In the United States, Staples has more than 8,000 stores, and it has offices in more than 100 countries.


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