Business plans are a common form of financial planning.

    Here are a few options:1.

    One-off expense reports, which are designed to be completed on the client’s behalf2.

    Expenses that are recorded as “regular” on the calendar, but are not paid off on the time3.

    One or more lump sums for expenses that are paid off each month4.

    One item of expense that is paid off per month, and a separate item of expenses that is not paid4.

    Expense reporting and tax returns5.

    Annual and quarterly financial statements6.

    Budgeting software7.

    Free online financial planning software for people who are not certified financial planners, like us8.

    Free financial software for students, parents, and other consumers9.

    Online financial planning calculators (like Mint)10.

    A “virtual” financial planner for small businesses, like Mint11.

    Online tax planning software12.

    Business tax software13.

    Business and business-related services14.

    A budgeting app that can help you get started15.

    Business-related accounting software16.

    Online tools that help you manage your finances17.

    Business plans for businesses that have a small workforce18.

    A financial planner that is certified and has access to a database of financial data19.

    A plan that is customized for your company20.

    A one-time financial planning budget for your organization21.

    An online plan that will help you plan for your business goals22.

    A personal financial planner23.

    A free financial planner24.

    An accountant25.

    A simple plan for a one-person company26.

    A step-by-step plan for an employee who does not have a company27.

    A basic plan for self-employed employees28.

    A tax plan for individuals who do not have employers29.

    A general financial plan for families that don’t have employers30.

    A flexible plan for the self-employment tax year31.

    A business plan for businesses, including your own employees32.

    A work-from-home plan for business owners, including family members33.

    A short-term plan for employees, for the short-to-medium-term employee34.

    A longer-term business plan35.

    An employee retirement plan36.

    A savings plan for retirees37.

    An investment portfolio for employees38.

    A stock portfolio for self to own39.

    A company pension plan40.

    A profit sharing plan for employee 401(k)s41.

    A retirement plan for members of the military42.

    A worker’s compensation plan43.

    An annuity plan for life44.

    A pension plan for people with disabilities45.

    An IRA for employees of private employers46.

    A cash flow-oriented retirement plan (for workers)47.

    A 401(b) plan for employers48.

    A defined contribution plan for 401(ks) and 403(b), defined contribution plans for 403(a), and 457 plans for employers49.

    An early withdrawal plan for retirement 50.

    A deferred compensation plan for those employees who are eligible to be defined benefit employees51.

    A health plan for health benefits52.

    A workplace wellness plan53.

    An individual health insurance plan54.

    A prescription drug benefit plan55.

    A group health plan56.

    A qualified health plan57.

    A life insurance plan58.

    A paid leave and sick leave plan59.

    A disability insurance plan60.

    A social security program61.

    An apprenticeship program62.

    A program for the blind63.

    An education benefit plan64.

    A community college program65.

    A veterans’ compensation program66.

    A federal program for those receiving federal disability payments67.

    A food stamp program68.

    A child tax credit program69.

    A Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program70.

    A supplemental education benefits program71.

    An extended benefits program for students of public and private schools72.

    A farm loan program73.

    An HAMP program for state and local governments74.

    An affordable housing program75.

    An employer-provided health insurance program76.

    An emergency savings plan77.

    A school savings plan78.

    An employment insurance program79.

    An income security program80.

    A job search program81.

    An independent living program82.

    A credit counseling program83.

    An assistance program for veterans84.

    An educational opportunity program85.

    An English as a second language program for adults and children of the United States and other international citizens86.

    An economic development program for rural communities87.

    A transportation assistance program88.

    A student loan forgiveness program89.

    An unemployment insurance program90.

    An occupational health and safety program91.

    An energy efficiency program92.

    An food stamp benefit program93.

    An expansion of the Food Stamp Program94.

    An expanded child tax benefit program95.

    An adjustment to a mortgage loan program96.

    An extension of the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children97.

    An increase in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefit100.

    An alternative minimum tax, which is a tax on the amount of income that individuals, estates, trusts, and estates of individuals receive as a result of


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