A new type of code is popping up across Canada, with new rules forcing businesses to stop using the words “bad business” and “unacceptable” in their workplace branding.

    CBC News has been tracking the trend.

    Here’s what you need to know.


    The new code is bad business code bad business Code, often shortened to BCBS, is a term used by companies to describe any form of a breach of business ethics.

    This code was created in 2013 and has been in place in Canada since 2014.

    It is meant to prevent a breach or an unsafe work environment.

    It requires companies to keep records of any breaches or unsafe working conditions, as well as ensure their employees are safe.

    BCBS can be used in place of “bad” in workplace branding to show that a company is trustworthy and that it will abide by the rules set out by its corporate code.

    In 2017, the federal government said it had no plans to change the code, and it was only used in limited circumstances by small businesses.


    The government says it won’t change the Code The federal government is the only federal government agency that is in favour of the BCBS code.

    The BCBS is an updated version of a code introduced by the federal Liberals in 2014 and has come under fire from business groups for its lack of transparency.

    The Liberals had promised to change it in 2019, but a new government was sworn in in April 2018.

    The code is now part of the Employment Standards Act and is administered by the Department of Employment and Social Development.

    A spokesperson for Employment and Skills Development says the government is aware of the new BCBS rules and is reviewing the rules in the wake of the controversy.

    “We have been working with stakeholders to ensure that we have the resources and expertise to enforce these rules and are reviewing our plans to implement the new rules in 2019,” the spokesperson said in an email to CBC News.


    But some businesses are opting for the code instead of changing it Some businesses are using the BC BS instead of the Liberals’ new rules.

    The Department of Human Resources and Skills Training (DHRT) says it has received a few complaints about businesses using the code.

    DHRT spokesperson Julie Beaudoin says the BCbs are the preferred code, because it doesn’t have as many red flags.

    “If someone uses it as a code to say something inappropriate, then it’s going to be interpreted differently, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a code,” Beaudin said.

    What’s important to understand is that it doesn


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