By now, you’ve probably read about the best-selling business books on Amazon, the best apps for iOS, and how to get your next business plan published on Google Finance. 

    But the business books industry isn’t always pretty. 

    And in many cases, they’re not even published in the best online business books directories. 

    The list of “top ten best” business books that we compiled over the past year has been growing, and in some cases, it’s become more than that. 

    As we get to the end of this article, I wanted to share some of the top 10 best business book directories that we’ve tracked over the last 12 months, and what the best ones are to read. 

    I’ve also made a list of books that have not yet been added to this list. 

    We’ve included some of our favorites in the order in which they were published, but you can see the full list of top 10 most recent book recommendations below. 

    It’s a bit of a list, because many of the best titles have been published in print or ebook, but we’ve also included some more traditional publications and blogs, too. 

    Here are the top ten best business business books in 2017. 

    This list is updated daily and will include the most recent top 10 books as well as the most popular titles from our database. 

    If you want to check out the top 100 best business blog posts in the world, check out our list of the world’s best business blogs. 

    What’s next for business books?

    Here are some things to look forward to in 2017: Book publishing is going through a renaissance, as the world moves away from traditional publishing. 

    Publishers are making more money, and publishers have more freedom to make their books what they want. 

    For some publishers, this means making their books available on Kindle, Apple, and other mobile platforms. 

    Some publishers are even making their own ebook versions of books, and selling them on their own websites. 

    There are new, more traditional publishing companies emerging and the market for best-seller books is growing. 

    Businesses are also going to look to their digital publishing platform, e-books. 

    A new digital marketplace called Kindle Worlds is taking over the industry, and a new book published in 2018 will feature the entire Amazon Kindle catalogue. 

    Other companies are adding content to their business websites and apps, which will bring the best and most popular business books to users across devices. 

    In some cases this will lead to the inclusion of a new bestseller in the top 25 of Best Business Books on Amazon. 

    You can also expect to see more of the traditional publishing industry’s top books coming online. 

    Many of the books on this list will come out in 2018, but there’s always hope. 

    Finally, we’ve included a list every single publisher in the US (and Canada) that publishes business books. 

    To get started, head over to the Business Book Directory and check out which books you can buy, where to buy them, and which publishers are selling them. 

    Thanks for reading.


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