Business plan fraud is a common scam that involves a fraudster posing as a business professional to offer a new business plan or other business products.

    A business plan fraudster can also create an account with a fictitious company name and claim to be the owner of that company.

    The goal is to obtain an unlimited amount of money, including taxes, and then file the claim with a third party.

    You’ll be able to get a new plan without any questions asked.

    The fraudster will use the fraudulent company name to create a business email account to contact you.

    You will then receive a fraudulent phone call that will be delivered by someone claiming to be a representative of the fraudster.

    The representative will tell you that you must pay the fraudulent money back.

    The phone call will then be delivered to the fraudulent account holder, who will then contact you and demand the money.

    The person claiming to represent the fraudist will also tell you he or she is a certified financial planner who is certified by the Better Business Bureau.

    The person will tell the scammer that if you sign up for the business plan, he or her will give you a free copy of the plan.

    The plan is not for sale.

    The scammer will then say that you can call him or her to get the plan for $15,000.

    The business plan is the same as any other plan, but you will be charged $10,000 if you use the plan with an existing account.

    The fraudulent business plan scammer is typically a young person who is trying to get attention and will ask for a small amount of cash.

    They will tell a young, attractive woman that she can get $15 or $20 a month for the plan if she signs up for it.

    The woman will say that she is willing to pay that amount if you give her a phone number and a name and email address that she will be able contact.

    She will tell him that she does not need his credit or debit card number.

    She then calls him back and tells him that he has been sent an email with instructions on how to complete the transaction.

    The young, charming woman will then get a phone call from the fraud suspect.

    She asks if she can pay the $15 a month, and the fraud investigator will ask her if she wants to pay $20.

    The fraudulent business will then call the young woman and ask if she is interested in signing up for a new account.

    The caller then tells her that she needs to pay the money back in full in 30 days, so she can go to the bank and report the fraudulent transaction.

    If the fraudulent business does not return a phone message from the fraudulent caller, the scam is complete.

    The victim of a fraud attempt will receive a text message that will state that she has been scammed and has to pay back $10 or $15 immediately.

    If she did not receive the message, she may contact the bank directly.

    The scammer or the scam caller will not return her phone call, or the phone call is canceled.

    If there is a problem with the scamster’s email account, the fraudulent plan will be canceled.

    If the scam involves a business plan that you don’t want to pay for, you can tell the fraudmer that you have no business plan and that he or he may just cancel your account and refund the money to you.

    The scammers may offer to send you a prepaid debit card that is also valid for the amount of the fraudulent payment.

    If you do not have an account, you should call the company you will need to sign up to and tell them that you want to cancel your business plan.

    If they are unable to help you, you may have to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


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