Spinning off from the social networking site Facebook, Twitter is an online news aggregator.

    Its main purpose is to help users find and follow people from around the world.

    But there’s one place you’ll be surprised by who’s actually more famous than you are.

    And that’s Spain.

    The country that makes up the bulk of Twitter’s users has the highest number of people that have won the Nobel Prize in Literature in any single country in the world, according to Twitter’s own numbers.

    The site’s Spanish users have won a total of 6,715 laureates, or one per year.

    But the number of Nobel winners is so high that the site has to provide a table listing the number to be compared.

    It says that the total number of laureates earned by Spanish people is 6,727.

    To put that in perspective, you could find the top 10 most popular people in the country with the highest numbers of laurees.

    Here’s a list:Alberto de Almeida , the artist who created “El Gordo,” a mural depicting the Battle of Puebla in Mexico.

    Alvaro Sánchez, the Spanish actor who starred in the popular TV show “Coyote,” in which he played a Mexican drug lord.

    Nacho Montero, the Mexican-American actor who portrayed the Mexican president on the hit NBC show “The Good Wife.”

    Hector Benavides, the Spaniard who played the leader of the guerrilla forces in the 1980s civil war.

    And of course there’s Mariano Rajoy, the president of Spain, who has been awarded more than 100 Nobel Prizes.

    Here is the full list:Nobel laureates by country, 2015Nobel Laureates by nationality, 2015Total number of Spaniards awarded Nobel Prizewinners, 2015Source: TwitterFor Spanish people, the most important thing about Twitter is the ability to search by country and by nationality.

    But as the site expands its search capabilities to include more languages, it has begun to make more extensive use of Spanish language information to help you find people from Spain.

    To help make this more useful, the site is now making Spanish search a feature.

    Here are some of the new features that it’s rolling out to Spanish users:Twitter has already started to use the Twitter platform in Spanish, in some areas, for more than just searching for people.

    And the company is rolling out more languages to the Spanish-speaking world, too.

    It is now adding languages to Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Spain, as well as Brazil. 

    It is also introducing Spanish-language search to other languages.

    So, if you want to find people in Argentina, you can search for “Argentina,” or if you’re searching for a woman in Brazil, you will be able to find “Brazil.”

    The feature will also allow you to search for someone in Peru, or search for a person in New Zealand.

    The new feature, called Spanish Search, is available for Spanish speakers around the globe and is being rolled out now to users in the United States.

    The first batch of Spanish-only features to be rolled out in the U.S. is available to users on iOS.


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