Onedrive, the company that runs Harvard Business Reviews and other publications, has announced that it will become its next CEO.

    The move comes a few months after the university announced that David Eberhardt would take over from Charles D. Langer, who led the newsrooms business review and business school publications for more than two decades.

    Onedrave announced the hiring on Monday in a press release.

    “We’re thrilled to welcome David Ebersons tenure at Harvard Business,” the company said in a statement.

    “His strong track record of strategic leadership, as well as his unique perspective on the challenges of digital transformation, make him a perfect fit for Harvard Business.”

    “With Onedrieve, we will be leading the development of Harvard Business reviews, publications and apps across the Harvard Business school,” said Eberhart, who has been with the company for more, than 15 years.

    “We look forward to leading Harvard Business, and we are excited about the opportunity to build Onedrake into a world-class technology company.”

    The news of Onedripes hiring comes as digital trends continue to accelerate across the world.

    Tech giants are moving to move more of their business from traditional publishing to mobile devices.

    Google, for example, recently announced that its Android-powered Google+ social network will launch in China on Oct. 1.

    The news has already prompted an explosion of news about tech giants like Facebook and Apple and how they are positioning themselves as media companies.

    Oningrive has also been pushing its services in the same direction.

    Its apps, for instance, can deliver news directly to users’ smartphones.

    The new Onedrew is expected to be the first CEO of a major business school in more than 30 years.

    On edrive has grown from a student-run publication into a company that offers digital content to millions of people around the world, including the Harvard business review.

    In addition to the business review, the site offers a daily business newsletter, a weekly newsletter, business and economics columns, and a daily news report.

    Onedrive is the first company in the business school to hire an openly gay CEO, the university said in the statement.

    Eberhard will replace Michael P. Linder, who left the company in July to become president of the American Institutes for Research.

    Linders resignation sparked a controversy among many business students at Harvard who said that his appointment should have been made more transparent.

    “As a leader in the digital news industry, the new chief of the Onedrive business review is the right person to lead Harvard Business and the business world in a new direction,” said John C. Levenson, president of Harvard’s Business School.

    “I believe David is a highly qualified leader, and I look forward the development and growth of Onenedrive as an industry leader in digital publishing.”

    The Harvard Business review has had a tumultuous past.

    In 2015, a review article published by Harvard Business Magazine accused the school of “sitting on a vast and untapped wealth of information.”

    The review article cited a report that Harvard Business ranked Harvard as the worst business school for the job market.

    It also cited a study by the Economic Policy Institute that found the school ranked the most poorly for hiring diversity and women.

    Harvard responded by saying that the survey “did not measure the quality of the faculty, staff, or student body” and that the report “may not have been reflective of the actual faculty and staff.”


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