A new report says hackers have already infiltrated the world of social media apps and that they have successfully hijacked tens of thousands of accounts.

    The researchers say that they’re working on identifying the attackers, who could potentially use their ability to take over the accounts to send spam or sell ads.

    According to a blog post from the researchers, they’ve discovered a growing number of attackers who target social media platforms and are able to leverage the same vulnerabilities they use to hack the websites of Facebook and Twitter.

    “In this report, we identify an evolving pattern of malicious activity targeting social media,” they wrote.

    “We describe the nature of this malicious activity and provide the tools for researchers to better understand the perpetrators and exploiters of this trend.”

    We also describe the tools we’ve developed to identify and prevent this trend and identify the malicious actors that exploit this trend.

    “The researchers said that the attackers are primarily targeting users who use Facebook and LinkedIn, but they’ve also targeted companies that host user accounts on third-party platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Snapchat’s own photo sharing service, and WhatsApp.

    They also say that a few companies have been targeted by other attackers, but that their analysis has so far uncovered no evidence of their targeting of any companies other than LinkedIn.

    The majority have also used the same techniques to post spam and malicious ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. “

    The majority of our observed social media campaigns have targeted LinkedIn,” the researchers wrote.

    “The majority have also used the same techniques to post spam and malicious ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

    These attacks appear to target users with LinkedIn accounts who are on a restricted or restricted group and therefore have less control over what they see and share.”

    According to Recode, Facebook has a zero-day vulnerability in its mobile app that lets attackers hijack accounts.

    This vulnerability was discovered in April and the researchers have since found several hundred of the exploits in use.

    Instagram has also previously been targeted in a zero day that was discovered last year.

    The company said that it’s working to address the vulnerabilities in its app.

    “Today we released the full list of zero-days found in our Instagram mobile app,” the company wrote in a blog posting.

    “While it’s important to note that Instagram is still the largest and most widely used mobile application on the web, we also want to reiterate that Instagram’s mobile app is secure and should be used by any users who have the security software installed on their devices.”

    If you are an Instagram user, we encourage you to update your app and consider upgrading to a newer version.

    To learn more about how to update to our latest version of Instagram, visit our mobile security page.

    “At the moment, we are aware of zero days in all three platforms, but we are working to identify any other zero days found on any platform that could allow an attacker to compromise a user’s account.”

    Facebook also said it will make it easier for users to delete their posts.

    The social network also said that users should consider using a third-parties’ API to delete posts from the social network.

    “People have been making a lot of comments in the past day about the ‘silly, stupid’ way Instagram is using these APIs,” Facebook wrote.


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