Business of Fashion is the brand that’s going to be your favourite to go to for fashion tips, tips on how to spend your money, and tips on where to buy.

     And they’ve got the goods to prove it.

    RTE has compiled a list of the most expensive clothing brands in Ireland, with the most items costing €5,800.

    The list is a collection of brands that have over 30 years of experience and are based in Dublin.

    And it’s a big list.

    Of the top 20 most expensive brands in the country, eight are from Dublin.

    (A total of 11 brands in total cost €6,400.

    If you’re a shopping spinner and you’ve got no idea which of the above is your favourite, the best place to start is the Irish Style Guide.)

    A list of brands based in Cork was also included in the list.

    (Source: Irish Style Guides) I think it’s important to remember that brands based elsewhere can have different prices, and I’m sure some of the brands I’m going to list will be worth more to some of you than others.

    For example, if I were to buy an Lululemon yoga mat for €3,200 in Dublin and it came with a price tag of €3.80, that would be a bad idea, and it’s definitely worth considering when you’re shopping in Dublin because it might be a little more expensive than in Cork.

    But it’s also important to understand that these are just some of what are commonly found at Irish brands.

    For example, a $50,000 leather belt that’s supposed to be a £500 belt, but it’s costing $1,500 in Cork, might be worth something in Dublin if it’s well-made.

    I’ve also got to say, though, that I like the fact that the top 10 brands are all based in Ireland and the Irish style guide doesn’t really list them all.

    A lot of the top ten brands are brands that are very popular in Dublin, but have not been in Ireland for a while.

    This is probably because Dublin has a large number of Irish brands, which is why they’re still very popular.

    But if you’re looking for a local style, I think the top Irish brands that you should check out are the ones that are more established in the city.

    Here are the top five brands in Dublin: I’m sure there are more brands I haven’t mentioned, but here are some of my favourites:


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