Google has confirmed that it will begin testing new ways to deliver and consume the content it already provides to users by way of a new service.

    Google announced today that it has opened up the first beta of a service called Star Trek to developers in the United States.

    The company will continue to support this service as it ramps up in popularity, as it does for other popular services like Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail.

    The service has been in beta for about a month and will be rolled out over the next several weeks, Google said.

    Star Trek will allow users to access the vast majority of content they already access through Google Maps and YouTube, as well as a few new services that are already popular in the U.S. like Netflix.

    The new service will also allow users of Google Play to access their own content, and it will also include support for a new app called Google Search.

    It’s not yet clear how the new service works, but Google confirmed that the new features will include the ability to “provide direct access to a wider set of Google services,” including “direct access to Google+ and Google+ Groups.”

    Google has also made the new services available to anyone who has a Google account and has been a Google user in the past.

    The move is in keeping with Google’s efforts to expand its user base over the past few years.

    The launch of the new Google-provided service is a big deal for Google, which is seeing the number of users on its own platform drop to less than a third of the total, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics.

    That’s due in large part to Google’s own search results and YouTube ads, both of which have had to struggle with the loss of users.

    But Google is also trying to position itself as a leader in video and search by offering new services and services that aren’t currently available to its users.

    Google has had a long history of supporting its own services, like YouTube, Google Maps for Windows, Google+ Hangouts for iOS, and a bunch of other things.

    But it’s now also taking on a more mainstream role in the world of video and audio streaming, with a service like Google Cast that it recently launched.

    This marks a big shift for Google as it looks to grow its video streaming business.

    For years, Google was the only place you could stream music and video on the web.

    Now it’s competing with Spotify, Apple, and others to provide a better alternative to the old way of accessing music and videos.

    And while Google Play remains the default place to download and stream music, Google is planning to offer other services, too.

    In the near future, Google will launch a new mobile app, Google Play Music, that will let users stream music directly from Google Play.

    But the company is also planning to launch a standalone service that it hopes will compete with Apple Music, and the new Star Trek service will bring all of those services together.


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