In Canada, it is an easy enough task to find the right company.

    But when you are struggling to find your niche, it can be even more difficult.

    That’s why the Globe and Mail is launching a campaign to get Canadians to share their experiences and ideas to get the most out of their small business.

    “It’s not easy to get a small company going when you don’t have the capital, but it’s even harder to get them going if you’re just starting out.

    So it’s a great time to talk about how to get started and how to grow your business,” said Michael O’Sullivan, president and CEO of The Globe and Post.

    In its latest issue, the Globe will be running a series of videos highlighting some of the challenges facing small businesses.

    The first video will focus on how to start a business.

    It will cover how to set up a bank account, set up payroll, set a business email list, set your company logo, and get your company’s logo on your website.

    It will also give a tour of a few of the small businesses that have already launched in the past year, and give tips for starting a new business.

    O’Sullivan also wants to see the small businesses start a blog and a social media presence to spread the word about their idea.

    The video will highlight the benefits of doing so, including a website where you can share your idea and receive feedback from potential customers.

    The Globe is also launching a video series for Canadians looking to start or expand their own small business, focusing on the advantages of starting and growing your own business.

    The series will be released each month, and will highlight key topics, including what to look for in a business, how to choose a location, how much to invest, and how you can manage the finances.

    The videos will also be shared on The Globe’s website,

    For more information, contact:Stephanie Mazzola, Media Relations, Globe and Media, 514-951-5155,[email protected] , or call 514.645.0368, extension 25.

    Stephanies business management and sales skills are a perfect complement to her passion for small business and the creative process, she said.

    The Globe has been the leading source for small-business advice since 2008.


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