Business majors and local business owners will get a big boost from President-elect Donald Trump’s executive order to create a National Business Innovation Corps.

    The corps will be responsible for promoting American companies and their products abroad.

    It will also help local businesses build strong, innovative businesses in foreign markets.

    Read moreBusiness majors and business owners have been looking for ways to promote the US as a global leader in the development of new technologies, products and services.

    The Trump administration is expected to announce a new version of the National Business Improvement Program by the end of the year.

    Trump will also create a new National Economic Council that will focus on economic development and job creation, according to a memo from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to President Barack Obama.

    The council would also serve as a liaison between the Trump and Obama administrations, according the memo.

    The National Economic Advisory Council will consist of three members appointed by the President and two by the Cabinet, Mnuchin said.

    One of the members will be appointed by Obama and will have significant political and policy experience.

    He also said that a White House task force will be created to help create a national workforce for the manufacturing sector.

    The task force would be led by the U.S. Trade Representative and chaired by the former Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker.

    In a separate memo, Mnutts assistant secretary for business and entrepreneurship, David Miller, wrote that the White House will continue to focus on promoting American manufacturing and American business and will make a decision on whether to expand the Business Investment Tax Credit (BIC) for manufacturing and the American manufacturing workforce in the first quarter of 2019.

    “Our focus will be on increasing the Bicentennial Economic Recovery and National Jobs Creation Act’s benefits to all American businesses and consumers,” Miller wrote.

    Companies are now working to adapt to the Trump Administration’s agenda to create the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative, Miller wrote in the memo, which is intended to help firms invest in technology, equipment and processes that will create new jobs.

    The program, which would boost the unemployment rate to 6.8%, would be implemented by 2018.

    The Business Investment Credit will be available to companies that invest in manufacturing, and businesses can use the credit to offset the cost of their new manufacturing facility, which they can then lease for two years.

    Mnuchin is also expected to give guidance to federal agencies to develop an industrial innovation and innovation infrastructure plan.

    There will be a special section in the administration’s 2020 budget, the memorandum said.

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