TechCrunch article By The Associated Press WriterFebruary 11, 2018 09:24:03The FBI is making sure every business can print business cards with the same real name and address.

    The bureau’s effort has the help of a fictitious business, which makes it easy for them to print business card numbers.

    The FBI has used the name of a real person in past attempts to get the business carding process approved, but in recent years, it has made more attempts, and now has the backing of a large business group.FBI Director James Comey has been warning the business community about fake names in recent months, and the FBI has been using fake names for printing since at least the 1960s.

    The new effort to use a fake business name came last month after a recent test, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

    The bureau said the test involved about 150,000 business cards.

    It printed them on standard size printer paper with a printing speed of up to 50,000 per minute, according a copy of the document obtained by the AP.

    The fake business card is printed on a cardstock that was produced in China and the bureau has been testing it in a controlled environment, with the real person making sure that the card has the correct printing process.

    The FBI’s efforts are part of a larger effort to improve the printing of business cards, which is seen as a critical part of business communication, said Matt McAlpine, a lawyer with the American Printing Alliance, a trade group.

    “The idea of a card company using a real business name to print a business card and being able to easily go to a website to purchase the card is a huge plus for people,” he said.

    The cardstock was produced by a Chinese printer in a factory in the city of Chongqing and the printer used a proprietary ink, which was not available in the United States, McAlphy said.

    “They were able to print out the cards in such a way that was not obvious to the average consumer, and there is a reason they did it,” McAlphine said.

    A fake business names card will not change the real name of the business, the bureau said in a statement.

    The name must still be used to identify the card.

    “This is a common practice for counterfeit card issuers, especially if a company is not a trusted brand,” it said.

    McAlpine said the bureau will also be using a variety of technology to help the fake card holders get the cards printed.

    A business can choose whether to send a fake card to a customer, or instead use a fingerprint reader on the card, he said, but the bureau does not have an exact list of ways to do that.

    “There is not one technology that can be used for a specific customer, but it is not impossible for a company to do it, especially as the technology advances,” McAdpine said.

    “The more people who are using this technology, the better off we are,” McAuldeath said.

    He said it will take time to develop a standard that will help the FBI avoid using a counterfeit business name.

    The Associated Press was not able to reach a representative of the bureau for comment.


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