A business that is a “hot spot” for business in the Israeli economy can cost much more than it is worth in other areas of the country.

    This is the case for a company called B2.

    “Hot spot” means that the company can make profits in other parts of Israel, and it is thus able to charge a higher price in the capital of Tel Aviv than in the surrounding countryside.

    For instance, the price for a new car in Tel Aviv is $1,800, whereas the same car in the adjacent Galilee region costs $2,000.

    This means that if the company was to sell a new vehicle in Tel-Aviv and in the Galilee, it would only be able to sell it for a fraction of the price in Tel Azalee.

    In addition, B2 is not able to buy land in Tel Aviv, and its real estate market has been in a bad state.

    According to its latest financial results, B1’s annual revenue fell by 9.3% in the second quarter of 2016, while its total loss amounted to 1.9% of its turnover.

    B2, on the other hand, was able to make a profit in the first quarter of 2017.

    It was able, therefore, to sell its land for the equivalent of 5.4% of the value of its annual turnover.

    The company also sold off assets in its realty business, which has not been profitable since it closed its Tel Aviv branch in December 2015.

    B1 is one of several companies that are struggling with the Israeli economic crisis.

    According the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, B-2 is one such example of a company that has fallen into a “fracture” that has led to the downfall of other Israeli companies, like the Tel Aviv-based company Mavraim, and other Israeli-based companies that were bought by foreign investors, such as the Israeli car company Jetta.

    “There are several companies like B2 that are in the same position as the other Israeli businesses.

    Many of them were bought for less than they should have been, but this is not always the case,” said Shlomo Yaffa, an economist and senior lecturer at the Haifa University.

    In the wake of the economic crisis, many companies that have gone bankrupt, such a company Mevraim and several other companies like Mavras, Mavran, and Mevran, have been sold to foreign investors.

    Yaffan believes that the Israeli government’s policies to increase the value and tax rates on foreign investment in the economy have not been successful in reducing the pressure on the Israeli companies that still make their living in Tel Azevedo, Tel Aviv, and the surrounding areas.

    “The current economic crisis is a real tragedy for the economy in Israel and the economy will only get worse in the future.

    In a nutshell, if the government continues to promote the policies of raising the tax rates, raising the value-added tax, and reducing the tax deductions, there will be a lot of companies that will go bankrupt,” Yaffas told Al Jazeera.

    Yafa believes that Israel is in danger of being hit by a “structural devaluation” of its economy.

    “It is very hard to imagine that the economic collapse that we are currently facing will be brought to an end by the economic policies of the current government, given the huge damage done to the economy, the devaluation of the real estate sector, and a general weakening of the financial institutions, such that it becomes harder for the government to manage the economy,” Yafas said.

    The Israeli government has a policy of boosting taxes and raising the prices of basic goods, which is seen as the key factor that determines the price at which a business can make a sale in the country and the price that can be paid for the products.

    “We need to create the conditions that allow the companies to be able go out of business,” said Yafan.

    “In order to do that, it is important that the government starts focusing on tax and price changes and the realisation of the need to reform the tax and other tax policies,” he said.

    In recent years, the Israeli tax system has become more complicated and complex, and therefore the tax authorities have had to focus more on collecting taxes from business and consumers.

    “This means that taxes are higher for those that do not have the resources to hire legal counsel, and they are higher on those who have a higher tax bill than those that have a lower tax bill,” Yavlin said.

    “A number of them are being bought by companies from abroad, which are in a position to sell at a lower price than the real market price”

    But the tax rate is going up, and there are so many other things that are affecting profitability,” he added.

    “A number of them are being bought by companies from abroad, which are in a position to sell at a lower price than the real market price


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