RTE has launched its new mobile apps, ‘The Ireland Way’ and ‘The Cork Way’ – a joint venture with the Irish Language Centre to promote the Irish language in Ireland.

    “We are creating an Irish language experience for people across the country,” said Daniele Taggart, RTE Ireland’s chief content officer.

    “By combining our expertise in the Irish-language market, we are hoping to expand our audience and introduce people to our culture.”

    The Irish language has been around for thousands of years and is something we know well.

    “We want to celebrate that heritage and our own language by sharing this unique Irish experience on mobile, so that the whole country can enjoy the richness of the Irish.”

    “The Cork way is an exciting new platform for us to bring to our audiences,” he said.

    “Our mission is to give people access to the language and culture that make Ireland unique and we hope this new app will do just that.”RTE is looking for a team to create a video content for the app.

    “In our opinion, the video content will be relevant and relevant to the local community,” Mr Taggar said.

    “It will reflect the experiences that people have in the country, and will be of the highest quality.”

    Mr Taggard said the apps are in the early stages of development and are currently in a “very early stage of testing”.

    “We’re looking to bring it to life in the next few weeks,” he added.RTE has also launched a new app called “The Irish Channel” to showcase local talent and provide an outlet for people from across the Irish speaking world to share their stories.

    “As we continue to work closely with our local talent in our community, the channel will also provide an opportunity for our local community to be heard,” Mr Gullaney said.

    Irish language app ‘Dublin Way’ launched: ‘The most complete app in Ireland’RTE’s mobile app The Dublin Way aims to be the ultimate resource for people to access Irish-speaking information in Ireland and the wider world.

    “Dublin is the most complete Irish language app in the world, and we’re excited to be launching it in the UK and Ireland,” Mr Gallagher said.

    In addition to the Irish apps, RÉire is also launching a new mobile service, ‘Dubliner’, to offer access to information about Irish-Irish cultural events and cultural activities.

    The company said the app is currently available in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

    “Irish Channel’ is the Irish equivalent of the ‘Dubliners’ website, which is the official Irish language website for RÉirí, the RTE app, and our new Irish channel app,” Mr Fergusson said.

    The app allows users to check out local events and social media events hosted in Ireland, and also allows them to access information about other Irish-related events, news, news and features.RÉire also launched an app called ‘Dubland’ to help people find places to stay in Ireland with information on accommodation, shopping, travel and more.

    “These apps allow users to easily find information on the best Irish hotels, hostels and places to rent,” Mr D’Odorico said.


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