dress_your_own_business_casual_dress_that_isnt_as_business Casual dress thats not as business casual as you think, its a dress thats for people that dont work in business, dont go to the office, dont wear suits, dont play sports, dont work out and thats not for anyone that doesnt like to look like a professional.

    This dress is for anyone who doesnt want to work for a day in the office or a day at the gym, or just want to look nice, thats not what a dress is all about.

    If you are a woman who wants to dress like a girl or a man, this dress is not for you.

    If your looking for something that doesnt make you look like an old school professional, then this dress might not be for you, but it can look good on you if you dont care too much about looking professional.

    If youre looking for a dress that doesnt look like its a fashion accessory, then youll want to try something that has a bit of personality, and thats what this dress does, its an elegant, sophisticated dress that isnt the stereotypical “dressy” look.

    The skirt is a bit shorter than the rest of the dress, so its a bit more comfortable, and the fabric is a little bit softer, but overall it does look good, and you can still wear it casual.

    The neckline of the skirt is just a bit higher than the neckline on the rest, so you dont need to add any extra layers, and if you wear it with a belt it willnt feel like a belt, so if you want to wear it as a belt its fine.

    If itsnt a formal dress, you can wear it dressy with the skirt as you normally would.

    If its not a formal, casual dress, but if youre interested in something a bit different, then its definitely a dress you should look into, its just one that doesnt fit the typical dress standard, its not just a dress for the office.

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