Business Insider reports that “at least six business owners” are being targeted by “a new generation of anti-gay hate groups,” according to The Advocate, and that “the businesses themselves” are not being targeted.

    “The businesses are mostly small and mid-sized businesses and businesses that are not in the national market,” the report explains.

    “This is a wave of hate aimed at small businesses that have nothing to do with gay pride or anything gay at all.”

    According to The Times of Israel, “The wave has been dubbed ‘Operation Gay’ by Israeli media and anti-Semitic graffiti has been spray-painted on storefronts.”

    The “gay pride” tagline on a local business has been changed to “the best gay pride experience in Israel.”

    The report also states that “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has confirmed that the businesses are being harassed, and have been subject to intimidation and harassment.”

    One local business owner, who goes by the name of “Benny,” told the paper that he is being targeted because he is gay and his business is a “big deal.”

    “My business has a very large window.

    The big window that is open to all the customers is open for business,” he said.

    “It is a very popular window.”

    The businesses owner has also been subjected to homophobic slurs on the street, and is threatened with a knife by a man who yells at him for not supporting his business.

    “I have a big business, and I support my business, I don’t want to have to have the word ‘gay’ on my business,” Benny told the newspaper.

    “My name is Benny, and my name is the only one that matters here, and it’s the only name that matters.”

    The ADL also issued a statement condemning the attacks, calling the “hate-based incidents against business owners a blatant violation of the civil rights of LGBT Israelis.”


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