In an effort to drive adoption of crypto currencies for Apple and other digital companies, Apple has partnered with the leading cryptocurrency exchange, iDeal.

    Apple’s bitcoin and other crypto payments feature is now available on iDeal, allowing users to make cash payments without the need to have an Apple Pay card.

    iDeal is offering bitcoin cash as well as the bitcoin, ether, and litecoin altcoins in the iDeal app, and a bitcoin gift card as well.

    Apple’s announcement comes days after the company announced that it would be opening an iPhone and iPad app for bitcoin purchases.

    The iPhone and Apple Pay feature is part of Apple’s commitment to the crypto community, which has seen more than a decade of development with the introduction of its own bitcoin wallet, bitcoin wallet provider, and bitcoin exchange.

    In a blog post on the Apple Pay website, Apple said it was adding “an amazing tool” for Apple Pay to its iDeal platform.

    Apple Pay now includes the ability to make payments using cryptocurrency for the first time, and the payment feature is available in the Apple Wallet app.

    Apple says users can make cash and credit cards, bitcoin, and ether payments using an Apple Wallet card and an Apple Watch.

    Apple also announced that its iWallet app will support bitcoin cash payments.

    Apple has already added bitcoin cash to Apple Pay, but the company still does not yet offer bitcoin cash for credit cards.

    Apple has said it will soon add bitcoin cash support to Apple Watch payments.

    While Apple has long maintained its position in the cryptocurrency space, the company has taken steps in recent months to move away from the traditional banking system and focus on digital assets.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook previously said he would work on developing a bitcoin wallet that would allow users to withdraw their cryptocurrency holdings to bitcoin.

    Apple and other companies have also been aggressively working on their own apps for the iPhone and iPhone X, including Apple Pay.

    Apple is also reportedly working on a cryptocurrency app for the iPad, but that project has yet to be officially announced.

    Apple announced on Friday that it had signed an agreement with Coinbase to allow Coinbase users to send and receive bitcoin using the company’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps.

    Apple also said that its iPhone X app would be integrated with Coinbase, as well, and that Apple Pay will integrate with Coinbase.

    Apple Pay and Apple Wallet are currently available on the iPhone, iPhone X and iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, but iDeal and Apple are still not fully compatible with these platforms.


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